Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Summer Reading List

Well done everyone for seeing the year through with us! I love our little die hard group and am looking forward to having some new additions in 2014.

Below is our Summer Read's picks. We will meet back in February to discuss what we read in somewhat of an informal discussion (are any of our discussions formal?). We're thinking we'll do it at a restaurant.

Kate's Pick:
'The Fault in our stars' by John Green

Robyn's Picks:

Lynn's Picks:

Karen's Picks:

Rachael's Picks:

Other books we talked about...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Books to get you through the summer!

Check out the list here. One of them has been personally recommended to me and I will be using it for my summer pick. :)
Kate xox

Friday, October 11, 2013

'Gameboard of the Gods' Discussion Questions

1)We get a lot of new terms mixed with old, the praetorian guard, the castals, the valkyrias, the implants? What do you think about the world building?

2) What are out thoughts about Justin's Ravens?

3) Tessa attends a church session which has a main purpose of worship of the government, not a god. What do you think about this notion?

4) The rating system of genetics touches on a hot debate topic of genetic modification, where do you stand in this debate?

5) What are your thoughts on Justin and Mae's relationship?

6) What role do Val and Dag play as characters? Did you appreciate their comic relief?

7) Final thoughts about the book? How do you rate it? Will you continue with the series?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"The Cuckoo's Calling" Discussion Questions

1.Who is Cormoran Strike? What is his trademark e.g Poirot had a moustache, Holmes a deerstalker hat and a pipe, Colombo,an old coat. 

2.What are the parallels with other famous detectives?

3.Why did John Bristow put himself at risk by hiring Strike in the first instance?

4.Why was Lula nicknamed "cuckoo"

5. Lula and Rochelle came from different worlds and formed an unlikely friendship-what did they see in each other 

6. How did Strikes unconventional upbringing and childhood impact on his adult life?

7. Did the ending (who and why ) surprise you? Will you read the proposed sequel?

8. Why do you think this book was published under a pseudonym? Would you have read it as a JKR offering? 

9. There is speculation that this book will be made into a movie. Who would you cast as Cormoran, Lula, Robin? 

10. How did the book portray the modelling industry and the lifestyles of celebrities and wannabes ?

11. As the characters of Lula and Ciara were revealed/ developed, did your feelings toward them change?

12. Any other thoughts...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

'The Storyteller' discussion questions

1. What request does Josef make of Sage? What do you think you would do?
2. When Jews were being taken by the Nazis, many Germans turned a blind eye. How easy would that be to do?
3. Does Josef have the right to ask Sage to forgive him? Why or why not?
4. What is the importance of having Christian papers? If you were Minka, would you have used them?
5. “If you knew you were going to die, wasn’t it better to choose the time and place, instead of waiting for fate to drop on you like an anvil? (p. 335) Discuss.
6. Would you have forgiven Josef? Why do you think Josef lied?

7. There are groups that say the Holocaust never happened. As we get farther and farther away from World War II, fewer people are alive who would remember. Why is this story still relevant?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

“The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern - discussion questions

1. The Night Circus is not written in a linear timeline. Did you find the structure of the book disorienting? Do you think it was effective in mirroring the nature of the circus or did it just
annoy you?

2. Between the chapters that tell the story of The Night Circus are descriptions of the circus itself, written as if you are visiting it right now. What do these chapters add to the story?

3. What was your favorite part of the circus? Which character would you most want to meet?
Which tent would you most want to visit? Which food sounded most appealing?

4. Why are Frederick Thiessen and the reveurs important to the story? Why do you think some people were so entranced by the circus that they devoted themselves to following it around?

5. Did you feel sorry for those who were being used in the game -- Isobel, the Burgess sisters, even Celia and Marco? Why do you think some people, like Mr. Barris, don't mind being trapped by the circus while it drives others, like Tara Burgess, mad?

6. Why do you think Bailey was willing to give his life to the circus?

7. Discuss themes of good and evil and free will verses being "bound."

8. What did you think of Marco and Celia's relationship? Why did they fall in love?

9. Why does the man in the grey suit feel so passionate about stories? What sort of commentary do you think the chapter "Stories" is on the novel? On life?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Discussion Questions - "Room" By Emma Donahue

1:  Why do you think the entire book is told in Jack's voice?  Do you think it is effective?

2:  What are some of the ways in which Jack's development has been stunted by growing up in Room?  How has he benefitted?

3:  If you were Ma, what would you miss most about the outside world?

4:  What would you do differently if you were Jack's parent? Would you tell Jack about the outside world from the start?

5:  If Ma had never given birth to Jack, what would her situation in Room be like?

6:  What would you ask for, for Sundaytreat, if you were Jack? If you were Ma?

7:  Describe the dynamic between Old Nick and Ma. Why does the author choose not to tell us Old Nick's story?

8:  What does joining the outside world do to Jack? To Ma?

9:  What role do you think the media plays in the novel?

10:  In a similar situation, how would you teach a child the difference between the real world and what they watch on television?

11:  Why are we so fascinated by stories of long term confinement? E.g The recent case in Cleveland?

12:  What were you most affected by in the novel?